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I think you do a great job keeping up on current properties for sale. I also think you are the very best at finding unlisted owners and getting the information to a buyer before it gets to the market. I have found your expenses and other information on the property to be correct and I can trust your figures when making an offer to buy.

Cliff Warren
Dave Barrette

I have knon Dave Barrette for many years. I recently had a transaction where Dave brought a property to me that we closed on time with a smooth escrow. Dave was very professionsl and diligent throughout escrow and was prompt in resolving any issues that came up. I am very happy to recommend him. Please feel to call me with any questions.

Zaffar Hassanally
We live in an apartment

We live in an apartment complex that was managed by Barrette Real Estate Investments and were very pleased with the professionalism, prompt attention to detail, and clear and prompt communication. From the initial application process to the monthly rent collection to any maintenance issues that cropped up, Raymond was incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond by reimbursing a few lost quarters that had gotten jammed in the complex’s washing machine. An annual maintenance walk through of our apartment ensured that any maintenance issues were noted and addressed in a very timely manner. Raymond was available to us via email, phone calls and texts and usually responded within the hour. We greatly appreciated Barrette Real Estate Investments and think that all property management companies would do well to follow their model.

Rachel Fox